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"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race." - H.G. Wells

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weather forecast

the smbology used in weather forcasting on japanese TV really has to be seen to be believed. it`s certainly a massive departure from the conservative BBC approach.

as visual imagery plays such an important part in everyday life in japan (see also kanji) it is not a particular surprise that the weather forcast also uses characters and various other animated visual prompts.

in the image shown, we have a common sight of winter - that being the `shogun dog riding a horse` (almost always from china) in full battle gear. other friends are the `bouncing snowmen`, the `king` cold front and `queen` warm front who meet up and shake hands in a very happy kind of a way.

in fact almost every television program carries subtitles as well as, frequently, image enhancing, audio prompts and as many other forms of information graphics as possible. it certainly makes viewing for the less-informed a much more fruitful experience.

it should be noted that NHK evening news seems to have plagarised the BBCs opening credit animation (semi-transparent globe being circled by the daily headlines): but having no proof as to who was first, it is difficult to come to a verdict.

anyway. when it comes to the weather - winter has never been as much fun.

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a beautiful place to start the year. with its abundance of shrines it makes for a very peaceful visit.

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