last updated June 1, 2005

aichi expo

I can't remember the bumf but this years world expo uses a theme of sustainability or ecological issues. perhaps thats why it was a tame affair.
not saying tame is bad - oh no. there were beautiful details and it was a good atmosphere. money hadn't been unnecessarily strewn around and people were having fun. thats what everything should be about nowadays - we're just used to having it all bigger, better, higher, faster, newer......

hopefully our generation can rise above all that shite though.

plants and solar panels were constantly in full view but then they should be. some more facts about them all may have helped. or how I could get them for my hoose and sell some of this damn hot sun back to osaka electricity! many Osakans I talked to about expo really weren't all that fussed, and many thought I was refering to osaka '70. but then thats maybe just osakans! I guess it could be likening it to the millenium dome in london except they didn't cut a deep scar in the country side.

the festival site itself is still a good 30 or 40 minutes from Nagoya (it always seems longer on the way back, eh?) and when you think you've arrived (on a typical local commuter line), you are transferred to linmo - a monorail type affair - for the final leg. it seemed a bit convoluted but we got there soon enough. the next port of call was the much discussed in the press, Toyota pavilion. booked all day. okay - the cable car. the queue went relatively quickly and we soon had an unrivalled view of the site. get your bearings.

north europe was probably the most nicely designed area, with the nordic pavilion having a typically minimal but relevant cause. Britain was simple, interactive and had a lovely meadow area to queue in. Austria was chic and included leiderhosen. france and spain were my favourites with colossal projection room and generally captivating exhibition design respectively.

sadly the likes of cambodia, the pacific islands etc were full of plastic trees and tat. even singapore with its fantastic interactive monsoon (they gave you a brolly!) had far too much bling side-by-side plastic herons. quality.

the other let down was the epic queue at the Japan pavilion. grannies ready to duel with parasols for their territory. we weren't hanging around. 2 hours could be better spent. although it didn't work here, the going in the out door trick, much favoured by my father, did work a treat on most occaisions. the gaurd on the japanese pavilion was havin none of it though!

Posted by stupot at June 1, 2005 12:49 AM