last updated June 27, 2005


last night at 2am it was apparently 25 degrees. sleep is hard to come by. the humidity today, at 75%, was just incredible. like walking through the botanic gardens. or a sauna. whilst wearing a suit. so despite my reservations, the air-con is officially on: and there is no discussion.

our nice flat on the roof seemed like a good idea in chilly february - now it appears that it absorbs all the heat from the surrounding atmosphere and stores it in our bedroom. even yuka is struggling. which worries me. but she has gotten 7 scottish 'summers' under her belt. the lassie can handle her alcohol but aparently not her heat. we discussed a new AC unit for the bedroom but decided that we'll get used to it. or we can't afford it. something like that. for the sake of our sanity, a glimpse of sleep and keeping at least some of the moisture in our bodies, I hope we get used to it.

the heat is arresting though. it devours your energy and leaves you gasping and sweating - I just have to bide my time regards exercise: I think I could do some serious harm if I attempted a mountain or even stretched for the remote-control.

waking, more than sleeping, in a puddle of sweat, you eventually get up to rinse of the stale stickiness. when you get out from the shower, you can't dry yourself because of the new round of sweating. so walking to the train station works up a little more as you cry to yourself and anyone else in earshot: "God this is hot". it's so obvious but so alien that such a comment seems necessary. every 200 metres.

and this years rainy season, or tsuyu, really has failed to deliver so far. not that it really cools, but it's better than a parafin heater on your forehead. even, like windchimes, the noise can calm you. and the water can extinguish the burning concrete. but no. the rain has not come.

Posted by stupot at June 27, 2005 11:38 PM