last updated June 4, 2005

cup ramen

I never really 'got' pot noodles. okay - so the advertising was 'off the wall' and as a student with lack of funds, uneducated taste buds and a need for a quick fix - sometimes I turned to them for ease, but really (and snobbery apart), they are a disgrace to the word food.

since asia is really the only place to eat good noodles it probably comes as little surprise that the options here are limitless. from the informal and generally manky (but great) chinese ramen counters to the more Japanese udon and soba, noodles are as much a part of life as spaghetti is in Italy. and instant ramen is a very edible lunch-in-a-rush.

with the technologies available in japan, even an average-to-good instant bowl of noodles really impresses. okay - it's still not the real thing, but with real chunks of pork (I don't want to know how they preserve it), freeze dried veggies, seaweed and a miso sauce, with a splash of boiling water and a couple of minutes it's pretty close to the real deal.

the slurping and sooking is mandatory (and usually difficult for your average brit) to cool the noodles on the way in, but after a few more minutes you're full, satisfied and have sweat beads all over your forehead. aaaahhhhhhhh.

Posted by stupot at June 4, 2005 10:21 PM