last updated June 22, 2005

ipod design flaw shocker

so am I just paranoid or when I adjust the volume on my ipod in my top pocket it looks like I'm caressing my nipple. really - especially if you're wearing a white shirt and folk on the train can't see the wire coming out of your pocket. it's just some crazy foreigner with a chest fetish. people don't have time to worry about details. and god - at 9 in the morning as well. I think it doesn't help that I now wet my finger prior to changing the volume. perhaps subconciously I don't up or down volume when the things in my troosers. jee-whiz. you could get the jail for that.

someone ought to tell 'california'. no doubt there's a law suit going on right now in the states regards someone reeling with mental trauma from an altercation with a mp3 user in a mall. no-one's mentioned to me yet though, so perhaps I shouldn't worry too much.

Posted by stupot at June 22, 2005 11:12 PM