last updated June 18, 2005

just not right

with today being the first day to start using the fan in our bedroom (I've not slept properly for a week), it's no surprise to see all things summery around; parasols, ice cream promotions, bamboo shades outside windows and people generally sweating. It was a bit of a shock though, to see what I witnessed today in the supermarket. since the Simpsons immortilised japan by visiting many years ago, some things have become synonymous with the country - futuristic toilets, unusual games shows and expensive living - which was highlighted of course with homer buying that square watermelon.

my consumer choice today was not shape but rather what colour of watermelon I wanted. to be honest blue might have been a more appealing choice - a kind of a friendly reference to all that sci-fi food we were brought up on back then, in the world of arthur dent and in other low budget bbc sci-fis. a time when people actually had an imagination when it came to dangerously tampering with nature.

people really do have too much time on their hands or is it just me? am I just a cynic? is our choice of food really so limited that we have to invent new stuff? jees. japan moves another step further away from the real world - but it certainly makes doing the shopping a hell of a lot less of a chore!

Posted by stupot at June 18, 2005 11:38 PM