last updated June 28, 2005

modern religions

this odd, gaudi-esque tower belongs to PL. Public Liberty: the religous 'order'. in south osaka it is some-what of an institution amoungst locals - believers or not. sitting on a plateau - it is part of the aspect from almost everywhere. some joke that PL is a cult - but it's apparently a very legitimate religion which started here about 100 years ago. 'life is art' seems to be a central theme and high on their agenda whatever that means. I believe you can join if you already have another religion which is just as well seeing as 100 years ago everyone here was either shinto and buddhist.

PL seems to have a large community throughout the world now and it also has, every August the 1st, the largest fireworks display in the world. yes, it sounds implausable and I thought Kim Jong Il or the chinese would have bettered this but there are 120,000 fireworks and global web-sites seem to agree. and it lasts for almost 2 hours. impressive.

the main tower is another fine example of the 'anything-goes' attitude to modern construction. this view is also a typical one of japan. written word aside, you wouldn't wager this as being japan would you? it's little america at its best. the little colony in the pacific.....

Posted by stupot at June 28, 2005 04:11 PM