last updated June 1, 2005

pimp my ride

the liberal attitude toward the necessity of fire escapes and modification of vehicles means that often anything goes in Japan. its interesting reading a design mag in the UK and staring in awe at some crazy-ass building that seems to avoid any building standards. well, its because japan's are far removed from anything in the UK. lack of space certainly would seem to contribute to lack of fire escapes. so just so they look nice, don't find yourself on the 3rd floor (2nd) smelling smoke!

this truck is a classic, and I might say quite minimal, example of Japans version of the white van. yes, this belongs to builder. so where the Germans would also have their van spotless, the japanese, as in many other areas of society have a need to personalise, differentiate and try to be unique. when there are this many people so tightly packed, it becomes a need. the usual punter will usually make this difference through cellphone mascots.

Posted by stupot at June 1, 2005 02:00 PM