last updated June 29, 2005

todays accomplishment

I remember when I stayed in finland that I had to go and buy some sprung steel rod from an industrial estate in the north outskirts of helsinki. don't ask why. it wasn't that difficult a task but given language barriers it could seem daunting if you think about it.

anyway - today I had a similar experience and the satisfaction of being understood by a local timber merchants. -can I buy tree? -of course! and so the conversation flowed. -demo, ichi-mai wa daijobu? -of course 1 piece is okay (the welcoming smile diminishing). -and you'll deliver? the merchants had a brief conversation at this point and said something about me really taking the biscuit, before agreeing. the old woman was a real sweet-heart and the guys although trying to look busy and manly, eventually became interested and warmed to my presence, ridiculous use of their language and perhaps, interest in timber. I got called about 15 minutes later to say they were ready to deliver! now thats service.

so I didn't quite get a quality, finished piece of beech ply but malaysian will do fine for my 'table'. now i need to get out at night and steal some asahi crates for legs. ah. it's like being a student all over again.

Posted by stupot at June 29, 2005 01:30 PM