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the 8 track is back


after the damage of a massive recall about a year and a half ago, mitsubishi at least seem to be coming up with some interesting additions to their new cars. whilst the 'i' looks like a combination of the smartcar and merc A class (though the european stylings always seem to be more agreeable than daihatsu's funnier concepts), the play edition comes with nano plug in which you control through the touch screen TV/GPS monitor. nice stuff although I always wonder just how long products will keep their shapes these days. the 8 track is back.

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shocking. and cut off.


there was a few things that I didn't like when I moved here regards my status, but like so many other things I simply put down as societal differences. like the fact I had to carry an ID card everywhere and yuka didn't. the fact that my visa, despite being spousal, was only good for 3 years - the same as many workers. recently the controversial fingerprinting of foreigners law got through parliament but I'm not really sure how this fights terrorism or is even anything to do with it.......

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I'm gonna build this city.....


I woke up in a panic last night just before 2. I'd just fallen asleep or I may have been on the cusp. the wardrobe sliding doors were rattling away like someone was trying to get out of them (I've seen enough japanese horror movies to know this happens here) - then I kinda realised it was an earthquake and went back to bed marginally relieved that it was not a ghost but just another earthquake. people in white make up and white clothes are a far scarier thing to awake to. one would presume.

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pure psycho, man

japanese beer doesn't impress me that much but suntory's premium malt is not bad. the new advert made me laugh - here's the first in the series (click below the image) where it show's you quite clearly that the stuff is capable of changing someone as bent as a nine bob note into a complete psycho. you can also witness 'japanese head' - not oral sex but foamy beer. pouring into an angled glass remains a rarity here. much to my continual dismay.

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only when it doesn't matter


this weekend was football-tastic with both the english and scottish fa cup finals being played. most japanese pubs decided to show the english final for some reason - possibly to do with the fact that west ham united are marginally more recognisable than scottish hopefuls gretna. both the underdogs lost in the dieing minutes.

also a new, younger scottish national squad was in japan to play the hosts yesterday and I donned the kilt and headed into town. most of the japanese players donned gloves and long sleeves whilst the scots would have probably gone skins if fifa allowed it. the game itself was uneventful but by the end I was a little drunk and we had taken a draw which was enough to win the kirin cup. I let out some cheers as the big TV showed the scottish players holding a variety of 6 foot mock drinks and shaking hands with kirin bosses oblivious as to what they were promoting but delighted at having finally won something. even if it didn't matter. my swaying pleats hypnotised those behind me as I walked back to the train where I would scare yet another carriage.

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the last village and the filth

I've burnt my legs and god knows what my nose will be like tomorrow. after a sunday of torrential rain and thunder that at one point literally shook the house, today had a high of 27 and it began to feel like it - climbing into the mountains. the sun was beating down on my knees and my fluids were finished well before half way. I've not been climbing much in the winter so it was by no means a comfortable afternoon but beautiful none-the-less. I am more than aware that the fuji hill climb is only a month away. jesus.

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the first time I saw shiso I wasn't drawn toward putting it in my food. I had never tasted it and plants with pointy edges, I had found out the hard way, were generally not to be touched. shiso is very delicate though, and its flavour strong. It's a fabulous herb for cooking and seasoning - often eaten as tempura, cut up into salads or I use it in pasta. the purple type is used to make umeboshi (pickled plums). try it out if you haven't - it's a taste sensation. perhaps somewhere between fennel and oregano on the tongue-o-meter.

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...sing when you're whaling

hot on the heels of getting put out the world cup by belarus, the jovial tartan army will arrive in japan next week with bulgaria for the kirin challenge cup. I'm not going to make the games but will hopefully de-mothball the kilt and head to the pub. now all I need is a song. when the Italian's came to hampden last time, the crowd sang (to the tune of 'sing when you're winning') " deep fry your pizzas, we're gonna deep fry your pizzas........"

perhaps we could steal the same song sung to the norwegians: "sing when you're whaling, you only sing when you're whaling........" answers on a postcard.........

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