last updated May 23, 2007

the graffiti project

If you live anywhere near Ayrshire, you should definitely check out the graffiti project at Kelburn Castle. We headed over after the stormy start to the weekend had passed and had a blast. Basically the roughcast is being replaced in a few years and so it's a great excuse to go to town with the cans. Kelburn is an amazing place to go if you have kids - we went with the nephews and there's stuff to keep you amused for hours including the timeless adventure playground. The walled garden and walks keep the ageing amongst us amused.

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spring on the east coast

Had a blast catching up with the NYC faction of the old Art school crew. I'll try and write up the trip but I've at least gotten around to uploading a flckr set. Hope everyone reading this in Japan is well.

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Scotland meets Japan


Sometimes. In very odd ways. They come together. New TV advert for Coolish ice-cream drink.

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So time is running away at speed yet I'm sitting around inside on a day when the whole Japanese archipelago is dowsed in rain. When you combine that with all the talk about new Scottish leaders north and south of the Border in Britain, and design events happening all over Scotland, I feel like it's an opportune time to be heading back. There's even this happening to one of the local castles.

I've sent off one bike and four boxes of 'stuff' - this time I ended up shipping by Japan post opposed to Nittsu which I'd used before. There were issues with my bike and it was certainly cheaper to Japan than from. If you're using this service just bear in mind weight and dimension constraints. For me this was L+B+B+H+H = <3M and <30kgs. I managed to just get the bike box down to this size without taking the pedals off. The picture shows the bike before I took the derailleur off and spacers between the forks ends. I used this site for tips. I'm taking my good bike with me on the plane. And I'll be crossing my fingers.

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Boy, was I taken to a nice gaff last night. Five of us went along to Kaname in Chuoku, as part of my farewell - just north of Nagahoridori, near Honmachi. It's one of these places that, from the moment you arrive at the door, your breath is kind of taken away - the beauty deprived souls that we are in Osaka. There are still pockets of the old here but you have to know where to look. Or be skilled at getting lost. Or have a guide. We had a lovely chat whilst making all sorts of satisfied/astonished noises as we ate the raw meat the place was famous for. I'd recommend this place even more than the deep fried okonomiyaki. If you can believe that.

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