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print works

This was the Flemish Scottish Temperance League offices on Hope Street in Glasgow - just around the corner from Central station. It also sits on Renfield lane (a notorious place known for it's crime and violence) down which is the Mackintosh designed, but largely unseen, Daily Record print works. Now the offices have been overhauled and sometimes I work in the loft at a friends studio.

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muckle cuddies

I've fallen in love with cows and sheep again - they had all but been wiped from my memory whilst I lived in urban Japan but now I can see them every day and my smile is certainly wider. There's a beautiful herd of belted galloways just outside the village and I stopped to say hello this afternoon. Cows always strike me as being very content animals with their big friendly heads and placid expressions. The moors are littered with sheep - occaisional cycling spectators and an altogether more uptight family who roam freely only limited by the subtle and baffling cattle grid.

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woolen jumpers and down tube changers


I've never really been attracted to celebrity and looked upon the famous as any kind of role model but from Friday there is the bicycle film festival in Edinburgh which celebrates two of my heroes - Robert Millar and Graeme Obree. The Flying Scotsman preview to general release is already sold out but it opens from the end of this month so its not to worry. There's an old documentary on Robert MIllar - the King of the mountains from the Gorbals who famously ate up even the best Colombian climbers. I reckon you can find some decent stuff on youtube though.

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The Loch Thom Loop

The weather forecast suggested today would be a belter so I opted for a day on the coast riding one of my favourite routes. It takes in North Ayrshire, Inverclyde and Renfrewshire with a few climbs (the ride is hilly in general) over 80kms in about 3 hours. I started from West Kilbride and headed up the A78 to Largs - past Vikingar you'll see a sign for the Brisbane Glen road - it's a wee cracker - I only passed three cars in about an hour and the other 'A' roads are not exactly choking.

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The ferry we sailed on from Aberdeen was pretty new so it eased the 'moderate' sea levels for the more weak stomached amongst us as we chased the sun up to Shetland. Mid summer is, after all, only three weeks away. Actually, the lack of darkness has been by far the biggest shock of moving back to summer time. Three years on I still instinctively remember that I have to give the shed door a very well timed kick while locking it yet the nights being light until eleven had just left my system.
The crossing was only a little bumpy but nothing a few pints of eighty and a couple cinnarazine couldn't sort out. When we arrived on Thursday morning the wonderful calm of Island life could already be felt: the loudness of the birds, the wash of the tide, the narrow closs' of Lerwick with fishing nets lying at out to dry, the deserted, white beaches. You can have a peerie peek.

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