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Are you one of those people who see faces in common objects? There are measuring scales behind the sink in the house and I always see a big mustache with screws for eyes and the brand name as the mouth. It reminds me a lot of the rotund, copper robot from the Return to Oz film.

Posted by stupot at 10:27 PM Wednesday 14 Nov

dookin an guisin

last week my mum opened the door, as ever, to local guisers and we made our best effort to frighten the local children. I cut a hole in a table and had a covered bird cage put over my head. When the children came in, the witch (convincingly played by my mother) brought the children over to the table, explained about her new pet and lifted the cage to reveal my head. I opened my eyes and screamed. Casualties included a 7 year old cheerleader, a 6 year old vampire and a 33 year old nuclear engineer. We insisted on hearing a turn before anyone got anything sweet - a recited verse from Tam o'shanter was the clear winner. Best joke went to "how do you know which cow is going on its holidays? - It's the one with the week 'aff." The often forgot about history of Hallowe'en reminds me how my pagan roots have been overtaken by Christianity, and more recently, Capitalism. How striking the similarities to Obon in Japan with it's bonfires and lanterns and returning of the dead.

Posted by stupot at 09:06 PM Monday 5 Nov

where's the charger?

I was looking for an old phone I wanted to recycle and realised there was a fair few in the house. In Japan it's not unusual for people to go through a few cell phones in a year. Having never owned one until a few years ago this came as quite a shock (as was the sat-nav and email which came as standard). In the UK infrastructures have always been slower and apart from Friday night rendezvous time I really didn't need one. Now I can't leave the house without mine.

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Posted by stupot at 07:29 PM Monday 5 Nov