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hip knits


Spent a few days at the Museum of Costume last week down in New Abbey, quite near the biking meccas of, the unusually named, Ae and Mabie. The build went well and the scenery on the way down past Moffat was beautiful. Should you be near Dumfries in the summer - do pop in - the home baking is apparently legendary.

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Happy Easter

Sunday was sun and snow as we fight our way toward the 7 o'clock dusk. Sankanshion as the Japanese say. The time of year when it's a few days warm and then back to a few more cold. Thursday night goodbyes to Mr Murray followed by a Fife Ceilidh on Saturday and a Sunday party in Ayrshire was enough to floor me by last night.

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waiting for the bus

Edinburgh was full of cheer on Saturday night after we beat England to win the calcutta cup. Droves descended on the pub when the Murrayfield emptied, the place becoming smothered in tartan. This morning I nursed my head again and stood waiting for the bus, sobering up in the freezing wind looking west as the reek of malted barley filled my nose.

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I'm doing some drawings right now for an ad agency in Manchester who are compiling an annual report - they're mixing the drawings with photo's and it seems to working pretty well - especially the more linear, which suits my style. Should be nice to see the finished article when it comes along.

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