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Today is warm and sunny and the wind has calmed for the first time in what seems like a very long time. The park was heaving with out-of-practice frisbee players and new wardrobes had been un-boxed. Yesterday there was a hanami party in the Meadows and it was fun to talk a bit of Japanese and meet some other devotees whilst viewing the blossom. Next week should be as good as the flowers had barely opened. I took some edamame and Karaage and later met a few Osakans. I could spot the first who turned up late with some discounted wine from the supermarket. The second was a guy who came a little later and was spotted slugging from the same bottle. You can take them out Osaka but you can't take Osaka.......

Drawing is of one of the breweries which give Edinburgh its distinctive smell. Was looking forward to the drawing but I wasn't in the mood.

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One of the small pleasures of working at the museum is that you can find yourself getting pretty close to the objects. I found myself beside Graeme Obree's bike this week which was quite special. It's not an old fragile relic but none-the-less it's a lovely bit of home engineering that helped him break the legendary hour record. The bmx saddle and narrow bottom bracket (of washing mashine fame) were quite evident.

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A well-to-do area in Dean village lie these lovely old mews buildings. Down a cul-de-sac, a few expensive cars drove by and the drivers grimaced. A friendly chap waved from an old MG which gave hope for humanity. It was warm in the sun but still there's a cold breeze around. Cherry blossom is poking out....

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saturday mornings

I love Saturday mornings.
And it explains the ring around my waist.......

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the basin

A colleague suggested I visit the Union canal basin at Fountainbridge, five minutes from Haymarket. The area has been renovated with new offices and coffee shops although old workshops still exist which stop the place from becoming too sterile. New flats canteliever over the water and contrast with the old riveted, iron bridge. Start of cobbled bike routes too.

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It was quite a nice weekend down in Ayrshire but it was still raw in the wind and there was an occaisional spitting of rain on Saturday. Despite the blossom pushing. I popped into Irivine Harbour on the way back from the bike shop - my second bike, which I haven't used since Japan, looks like it was squashed a little in transit and the drop-outs need straightened before I can take it up north. I also can't find my old ortelieb panniers so looks like I may have to buy some new ones......... or borrow. Offers on a postcard.

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The weather on Saturday was fresh to say nothing of the arctic winds pushing you side ways. Sunday morning was snow. The visibility from the Pentland hills was staggering though - I'm pretty sure I could see Ben Lomond and certainly the weather fronts skiteing over Fife. Cobwebs gone.

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island hopping

Route planning for a May excursion up the west coast taking in Ardnamurchan, Mull, Iona, Colonsay, Islay, Tighnabruaich and Dunoon. Any suggestions welcome.

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Routine sometimes gets associated with the mundane but I'm happily getting into a positive routine in my diet, visits to the accupuncturist, taking photos and getting back out on the bike. Wheat has been added to the usual allergies, of dairy, fish and nuts, the removal of which seems to allow my breathing to become much better. I'm now down to dust and grit for meals. I think water's still okay though. I'm avoiding red meat for now much to my dismay - I dare say I'll be indulging in the occaisional lamb chop but it's only white meat until the heat gets out of my system. I'm back to the needles after a year away and I enjoy the lunchtime treatment mid week where I get to kip. The drawing is down near Stockbridge - the owner pulled the awning down near the end of the sketch which exaggerated the traditional look but I didn't have time to add in - the sun may be shining more but when the north wind blows, you certainly know it. Drawing, as ever, remains integral to my routine.

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