last updated June 29, 2008

Kopenhaven Torsday - Fredag

a day of trains. a peaceful roll through the countryside. helsingborg. malmo. danmark. turbines. blustery beach houses. grey to sun and back. houses growing out of fields. no roads. different rocks. feminine pylons. off at Kopenhaven. dirty air. white caps on trucks. drunk. hotel in red light district. confusing tourist information prices. beer in 7-11. manic streets. fast bikes. incredible buildings. wide streets. amusement park. timeout. side streets are needed. sit with a beer and people watch. rickshaws scream by with tanned bear chested drivers. best chicken and bacon roll ever. six quid but.

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Posted by stupot at 01:12 AM Sunday 29 Jun

Goteborg Mandag - Onsday

Another Ryanair field. very local. Big port small city. Grey. Eastern block. Clean. Ordered. No yellow lines. steep ramps. expensive. fast police exotic noises. bikes and trams from no where. mopeds on pavements. Italian meal. near the docks. change of clothes. out drinking. most with coffee under a blanket.

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Posted by stupot at 12:36 AM Thursday 26 Jun

summer solstice

Last night the rain swept across the coast in waves after wave, battering windows and trees. The rain wasn't heavy but the kind that soaks every crevice in minutes. Three o'clock that morning was another matter altogether though. Mist rising of the reservoir, bird song all around, a sea of dew. It's beena long winter - long live the summer!

Posted by stupot at 08:57 PM Sunday 22 Jun

Stafford Street

Posted by stupot at 07:08 PM Sunday 15 Jun