last updated July 25, 2008

Real Slow

I really love trains. Seeing my dad off on the old fossil fuel locomotives with their compartments, the means of escape to the big city as a teenager, the way to travel through Europe by seeing places and meeting people, the disbelief of a shinkansen approaching for the first time, getting on one as you would a plane and seeing the sky when you bank, sitting at a table with an ever changing view and having no-where to go. gradually arriving somewhere and understanding the climate, architecture and agriculture before you meet the people.

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Posted by stupot at 10:17 AM Friday 25 Jul


Despite it being summer, most rides in Scotland mean that you take a little extra just in case. On a few descents today it was positively chilly - the gilet I picked up in America last year is my most valued bit of kit and today I certainly needed the new knee warmers. I forgot my cap which would have been handy for the rain - or I need to pick up some glasses with various lenses (clear or yellow are what you really need here). I prefer to go out with almost nothing but for longer rides you really need to be prepared. If it's country climbing on a hot day I wouldn't take half this stuff, but maybe more liquids. The tail wind home today was a sweet exchange for a hard, slow run down the old Lanark road.

Posted by stupot at 03:11 PM Saturday 12 Jul


Popped down to Manchester today for work - I used to go down quite a lot about 5 years ago with the company I worked for and I really enjoy it as a city - despite most people I speak to having little good to say about it. The office I was visiting is in Deansgate so I got off the train at Oxford road and managed to make my way past Harry Hall Cycles for what has become part of my routine when I visit. It was the first time I'd been in since his passing last year. Last time, I bought some arm warmers and as my knees have been playing up a bit I decided to get some knee warmers today. The neoprene wrap I wear sometimes is a bit too thick for summer so these look good. I was not surprised to find out that my goat-like legs equate to a size S. The amount of passengers on the train back was horrific to start with but eased up past the Lakes. I felt, for the first time in a long time that I needed to be wearing a watch so hastily drew one to get over the urge. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo without hands and adding in for appointments.

Posted by stupot at 10:34 PM Friday 11 Jul