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sparrow and the workshop are very good. They played Edinburgh last night to prove it!

Posted by stupot at 06:32 PM Friday 29 Aug


Headed up to the bunk house at Strontian for the weekend with Ross and Calum for fishing in Morven and Coran. The night fishing for Dogfish with toads and Stag enroute was amazing even if the weather was mediocre. Ross' poncho kept us dry though and most of the rain was quick to pass. Calum's expertise allowed us to pick the right spots and at one point Ross had 5 mackarel on his line. We got some polock as well but they're not quite so much fun to reel in.

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Street hoy


Tame though it might be - a bit of respect to Telegraph tv for bringing triple gold medalist Chris Hoy to the great Asian pastime of street racing shopping bikes.

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tour of east lothian

Wow - what a good day it was for cycling. It rained for around forty eight hours from Tuesday evening - enough to drive even the hardiest protagonist of optimism to desperation. As I haven't been doing long many long runs this year I opted for taking a third off the run and jumped the train to North Berwick. I took the road to Dunbar to warm up, passing the Bass Rock up close with fields of wheat and poppies in the foreground which made for a beautiful spectacle. I couldn't determine if the white speckles on the bass were fauna or shite. Probably the latter but I decided on the former whilst taking it all in.

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waterstones, george st

people study while hiding from the rain last month.

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Edinbara no Matsuri

When you live in Edinburgh people talk about the festival from quite early on in the year - not a lot, but it comes up a fair amount. Having lived a lot of my life 50 miles away you could get away with thinking the largest arts festival in the world doesn't exist. When you get closer and closer to summer here though, the tourists are the first give away - Edinburgh gets Glasgow's quota in January alone. On Wednesday we had our regular, alcohol aided Japanese conversation group just at the back of work, overlooking a 15 metre high, inflatable purple cow (a venue) where guys in laderhosen and a woman on stilts hidden by a bulbous 17th century style dress gave out flyers. I passed a man dressed as an elephant, walking as if going to work in an office this morning. African dancers took over a traffic island on George IV bridge. The streets are bursting. Scottish accents have to be searched for. A lot of chaos, a lot of smiles.

Posted by stupot at 10:44 AM Saturday 2 Aug