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Most people moan about the roadworks in Edinburgh at the moment. It's quite tiring. It must be tough for bus users, taxi drivers and the emergency services - not to mention business suppliers. I really don't mind them though - I actually found myself wallowing in the glory of passing a huge tailback on Laurietson place the other day on the way home from work........

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Posted by stupot at 07:26 PM Friday 19 Sep

Bealach na ba

Shieldaig - Applecross - Bealach na ba - Shieldaig
50 miles

Despite the weather getting better as we neared our destination, it would have had to have improved considerably to shake off the wet and mirky conditions which hung over us from the Forth bridges to north Perthshire. In the end we settled for what was not an unpleasant September day on the Applecross peninsula. The views started to take over from conversation and Gregor was keen to swap accelarator for the other, rotating type of pedal. Shieldaig is a lovely wee village with its houses hugging the shore overlooking the nearby island in the cove.

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Posted by stupot at 07:11 PM Sunday 14 Sep