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Urban Sketchers


New site, Urban Sketchers, hitting the airwaves from November - courtesy of Seattle's Gabi Campanario. We appear to have someone in every continent - bookmark it today for your drawing fix!

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Today I took a wee reminder in bike maintenance. The bike co-op does day training for few shekels and despite it taking up a full day of your weekend, I'd recommend to anyone. I was a bit concerned when we started by repairing a tyre - a well trodden area for me - but comfort zones were soon being challenged. Even in sections I did know about there was always one new thing I learned - be it adjusting the springs on cantilever brakes or tricks for tweaking gears. And some interesting technical terminology. Flange didn't even get a chuckle compared to some of the jargon.
Now I just need all the tools. And a stand. And patience.

Posted by stupot at 05:37 PM Sunday 19 Oct

the back streets

I like weaving between back streets in a city - as well as seeing how the place is serviced they are also a calm within the madness. Atholl crescent lane sits behind Shandwick place and the road mimics the curve of the more grand frontage. The lane looks a lot more like how the city would have looked a hundred years ago - few cars, few signs, little noise - at one point during rush hour all I could hear was a church bell. visually, the down pipes are just as prominent as the repetition of the gable ends - cobbles camber down to large stones which act like a gutter - I like the function.

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the crawl


"Their bodies were obliterated. but the spirit held firm!"
I dare you not to laugh.

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arthur's seat

I think the reason Edinburgh is such a good place to live in is because it isn't really a city. Now the nights are drawing in, the 3 mile loop around Arthurs seat is becoming more and more of a useful route after work. 4 times round including getting to and from home allows for a good wind down. When you reach the top of the short, but sharp, climb you feel completely out of the city despite being at its centre. The views from the top are cracking - The city sits behind you as you climb - the moon was rising over the North sea and Denmark to my east tonight - beyond the Pentland hills to the south lies England and finally as you finish the plateau the ever present castle with sunset faces you to the west. There's greenery everywhere - or sea. It's why Edinburgh is known as a town despite being the capital city. At the weekends it only takes 20 minutes to be surrounded by fields and cattle. It's not a bad gaff.

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credit crunch

Have a bowl every morning!

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haud me back

I'm beginning to put together a list of things I want to buy in Japan. Eye glasses were what started the list and now I seem to be thinking of anything vaguely needing updating. I've always bought cyber-shots as my camera of choice but they're really only good for short distance and macro especially. I've been thinking about switching brand. And then I saw the new design released in Japan. Aye Chawawa!

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Go West

Magic weather the last few days. With snow up in the Highlands it's been pretty much winter clothes even in the central belt - out on the bike. No gloves today though and it was pretty warm with the gilet on. I left my camera at the folks - thus the lack of photos recently - this landscape is not bad from my cheap phone. Trying to get into West Lothian a bit more - I need to extend my ride options and leaving west would cut out a lot of the city.

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Autumn on cue

Bang on the first of October we hit Autumn. I sat out drawing this with a coffee and jacket / jumper / cap but still walked away with the feeling a cold was coming my way. I have escaped so far. George street is a typically middle-class shopping area - I listened to the incredible diction of 4 year olds with mothers in pink shirts with upturned collars. I think if I'd put my cap on the pavement I would have got offerings.

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