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Mews II


Edinburgh still has a medieval skyline of cathedrals and castles. We have no skyscrapers, infact you're lucky to find a building over 6 storeys. Randolph Place looks like it could be a small hamlet in Lancashire circa 1850 (motor car excluded!). In fact it's a stones throw from Princes Street - where people update mobile phone contracts and drink starbucks.

I'm always drawn (sorry) to Mews buildings probably because of their stocky, child-like proportions. Often backing onto larger streets and used as stables, they now contain creative agencies or have become residential. If you're finding it difficult to contain yourself, there's an earlier drawing of a mews here.

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Rest in Peace


John Martyn died on Thursday. He was a great influence.
Gallus voice..... 1948 - 2009

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lunch time meditation


And the blue skies continue. Wonderful.
My curled fingers were stiff when I finished this - just along from work, on George IV bridge looking west to the Grassmarket. This should give a hint to the haphazard city plan that is Edinburgh: different levels, streets meeting at different angles, nooks, crannies. Great fun. Sharp sun on sandstone today - cold in the shadows. Winter's great when it's like this.

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bike graveyard


In yet another attempt at putting off doing my tax return, I went out to get some air and do a sketch. There's a bike park near Haymarket station, amidst all the roadworks, which looks like a graveyard. When the troubled tram line, new hotel, and station are finished I'm sure no one will remember a thing........

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More and more you're probably noticing change in your pockets (pun certainly intended) as the new British coinage seeps more and more into our lives. I noticed an article in Design week last year but only now is it becoming obvious that there is an heir to the original decimal family (actually there has been a lot of change in size of coin since and even the advent of the 20p piece and £2 coin not forgetting the old half-penny). Not many people talk about it but then it's not a life changing experience. It's a slow, slow burn and I might not even see a new ten pence piece until May! It does make me smile though to see the clever way they fit together - I'm desperate to get a set. Betty continues to frown on the other side so some things remain as they were.

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If I had lots of money I would own a lot of rapha clothing. Check out their new tweed jacket. I'd even just like a cap though. The attention to detail is staggering. Roleur, their magazine, is a wee treat now and again - It's about £9 but the photography, choice and quality of articles blows all the others out the water. There was a DVD of the brooks saddle factory in England in one I bought last year. Geeky, but tremendously good.

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Ceilidh, Sun, Sofas and Cycling


It's been a surprisingly lovely start to 2009 thanks to few plans and a couple of good rides on the pusher. The local Ceilidh on Hogmanay, in West Kilbride, was great fun with dancing, pipes and band. And some shortbread and champagne thrown in for good measure. Stumbling around the house at lunch time the next day paid dividends as I found all the missing pieces of my bike jigsaw (pedals, cleats and a new tube) and got out for a ride in beautiful weather up to Largs where the promenade was bustling with people strolling past the recently reopened Nardini's. Friday was a day of sofas and fine food at Mr Macdonalds in Glasgow - his wonderful hospitality was just what the doctor ordered. A few more sofa's were sat on in West Kilbride before arranging an early morning ride up to Loch Thom above Largs. Despite the arctic conditions (digits, ears and faces were numb and the water bottle froze) the views were astounding and the ride finished up with a proper coffee at Nardind's. Woo hoo.

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