last updated February 24, 2009

Vicki Street


Just around the corner from work, I spent half an hour sketching Victoria street at lunch time. Lots of tourists migrating between the Grassmarket (below, left) and the Castle (above, right). I've drawn the street before from the railings which finish up in the middle of sketch.

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white goods


I got a new phone last week. Then I woke up yesterday morning and placed it, quite carefully, in a glass of water as I surfaced from my sleep. Today a replacement came from the SKU man who reminded me more of a well organised drug courier, with his compact mixture of ziplock bag, plain white card boxes and a funky handheld gadget to record our encounter. I contemplated all the excess that came with my original phone (which had nothing to do with the actual sale) and wondered if it was truly necessary. These boxes still litter my living room yet the white box has performed its function and is in the recycling bin awaiting pick up.

My old phone, bearly a year old, was swapped for £150 credit and I'm now on a much better deal than before - so go see what the man can do for you!

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I had the weekend away from the capital and travelled to my home town on the west coast. Good company and food, coal fires and a bracing walk. The light here is inspiring - the skies are very big. As I'd just finished my sketckbook, I used a manila envelope which is an ideal colour for drawing sandstone buildings. And the beach!

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Friendly Invasion


I was in a book shop the other day surrounded by Welsh. I passed some more on the street. Nothing unusual in Edinburgh. Then some people were talking about lots at the airport. It turned out the Six Nations rugby has started and after watching a very poor Scottish performance on the goggle-box, I decided to nip down the road to see the fans leaving - Murrayfield is a stones throw and i fancied a draw. Sketching people is tricky for me, but people on the move is another league! There's good, friendly banter after rugby games opposed to the animals that come out of the fitba'. Today was also kilts galore being an international: the welsh were even at it! The chap on the left was on a wall I never drew.

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end of the road


Rode about south of the city and took a detour as the Lanark road was closed - presumably due to a crash. Quite a few blue flashing lights passed me on the way out so it came as no surprise. I took a new route which ended up on a private road past a nature reserve and eventually petered out into snow. As my skin has been hot and bothered recently it was a nice cool down. collars were open - the cold air taken with gratitude.

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More Frozen Fingers


I read, with jealousy, liz Steel's post "too hot to go out sketching". The fine, dry but cold weather continues in Scotland but there's a limit on drawing time as fingers go numb: good discipline! This is a wee newsagent near Stockbridge which I love because of the visual madness outside: there's about 5 newspaper ads, a fruit stand, magazines stacked up in the window and random adverts for lost cats. It's a welcome contrast to the supermarket experience.

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