last updated March 30, 2009

Kincardine loop / Summer time

Edinburgh - Kincardine - Edinburgh
62 miles

Having been out the picture for a few weeks due to injury, and worried about my form for the impending mountain scaling in Spain, I did my first longer ride for a while - over the forth bridge to Fife and back via the kincardine bridge. The sun was wonderful and the smells those of a new season but the wind was pretty relentless - something I'm hoping won't be such a factor in Iberia - by Bo'ness (40 miles) I had to stop for fuel. Encouraged by 2 jam doughnuts, some pumpkin seeds, a banana and a tail wind, it was a sprint (well almost) back into Haymarket for a shower and a kip. The leg held out - Andalucia here I come!

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beta-blockers and temazepam

This is just a model of the new trams - albeit at 1:1. We're still a few years off the real ones rolling down the street but lot's of people are keen to get in for a nosey - despite the controversy of the project. Inside it looks rather like, well, any other type of public transport you get on. The council are taking advantage of the digging up of the roads to put new water pipes in but they've a long way to go to regain public favour. The saga continues and taxi drivers keep taking their beta-blockers and temazepam.


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tulips, hookers and lino

A supplier (forbo) took us away to Amsterdam for 3 days and I managed to mix drawing with hangovers. The sun shone, the architecture was great, lovely locals, community feeling with lots of bikes, better English than in Scotland - definitely could live there. After a tiring day at the factory which was also enlightening, we went to the west side of town to some furniture shops on Saturday. The solid cork stools I'd seen in a showroom were 280 euros so stayed where they were. Tired but satisfied. Photos.


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how ju like dem apples?


Ross made me go to the Apple store and buy lots of stuff.
For which I thank him.

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