last updated April 19, 2009

always a westerly

This is the Edinburgh Road Club Saturday run, which I've started doing again. It's about 45 miles as a round trip and yet again, I got tripped up by starting with the faster half of the second group. By Drem I blew up and caught the next group which was just the right pace. The train works well which is a bonus of having good numbers. Here's to summer time trials and maybe a few hilly ones too. I'm never going back to crits.


Posted by stupot at 11:26 PM Sunday 19 Apr


Andalucia and Montecorto, near Ronda, was a breath of fresh air after a beautiful if cold Scottish winter. There was a still a chill in the air in the mornings and especially when descending the category 1 climb (1300m). The cycling was at an easy pace but by the end of the week we had ramped up the climbs (thu - sat were all over 1100m) to satisfying altitudes. The coffee stops were civilised of not blissful, sitting in tiny white villages with just the sound of bird song and occasional chatter at the bar. More snaps here.

Posted by stupot at 12:09 AM Saturday 18 Apr

hasta luego

Spent 10 days in rural Andalucia, Spain last week with the following regime each day - bakers for bread, 4 hours cycling, pasta lunch, siesta, drawing, tapas dinner, beer and bed. With the smooth tarmac, warm weather and good company it was almost perfect. Hitting Easter week with the catholics in full celebration mode was a sight as well - from the evening 'death march' and sinister robes of Thursday, to the ultimate drunk bull run on Sunday - it's a far cry from the Church of Scotland festivities! The bull run was in Arcos de la Frontera - the following drawing is from Ronda. Some children played loudly in the lane to the left. There was still a nip in the air so my bum was cold after sitting for a while.


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Setting up an appetite

My trip to Andalucia was mainly cycling and then eating a lot. We took on a big carbohydrate lunch which we made with local tomatoes and chorizo / black pudding. It was hugely tasty but more function than experience. For that we ate out, and the best place was Bar Vanencia in Ronda - full of locals, big Paella, great tapas and friendly staff (more so after they saw the drawing). Spot the piglet on the counter.


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