last updated July 31, 2009

John's shack

A long time in the making, John Macleod finally opened his restaurant crab shakk in Finnieston in February. Despite the amazing reviews and lovely design (By John and Good creative), I was a virgin until today when I went along with Dave for early lunch: top mussels for me and fish club sandwich for him - very reasonable. The space resembles Cafe Gandolfi - a wee cracker in the Merchant City John designed a few years ago. It was nice to see John there, with his subdued Hebridean drawl having a calming effect on the proceedings.


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currently playing

This week I'm still listening to some oldie's - a real oldie from Simple Minds in 1979 from their debut album - Chelsea Girl. Another more recent oldie from Midlake which sounds like it could have been on CSN&Y's dejavu - Roscoe.


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Edinburgh Castle esplanade becomes an auditorium in Summer - like for about half the year. Until the festival and the Tattoo arrives Crosby, Stills and Nash, Duran Duran and the likes come to play open air to many, invariably wet, fans.


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I used to see a guy in Glasgow with this bag - years ago - I loved it! I didn't recognise the name at the time and even when I started going to MacDonalds they didn't have them on show. Recently they got them out the store and have them in the window - few left apparently. I couldn't design it better - good fabric on rear, waterproof front, high viz, world champ rainbow stripes, go faster text and £4.99! snap yours up now - Morrison Street, Edinburgh.


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good habits

Whilst busy with work through spring I fell into some bad habits: I had developed a strange growth around my midriff as a result of the food I was eating and my bike had sprouted an unusual layer of soft grey fibres. June saw just one blog post (check out Nov 2005) - though this, arguably, is not a negative.

Now I'm working from home, however, it's a great chance to cook properly, open the windows as far as I like, get out on the bike and drink more water. There may even be a few more postings now..... Here's to summer resolutions!


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Been taking some images off my phone - this original, if optimistic, application of chalk for advertising in the meadows, Edinburgh. I think the rain actually held off.


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the reasons why

As I was drawing yesterday I thought about it as a pastime, and then cycling, and why I do them. Firstly I suppose, I wouldn't be writing this if it weren't for the amount of focus that comes from both - they can equally become meditation time or thinking time. I believe, although they can often be lone pursuits (cycling empty country roads and drawing down uninhabited lanes), they also open up the possibility for interaction.

With drawing, especially when seated, people are intrigued by what you're up to - they will come and sneak a peek and possibly have a chat. The chance encounter - a rare luxury in modern life. In a city this can also happen with a fellow cyclist at the lights or in the country when passing another two wheels - something, I imagine, the motorist will rarely encounter in a life-time.

Cycling allows you to understand the land intricately - what seems like a flat to the motorist is in fact a long climb, however shallow. Avoiding pot holes means you become fluent in reading roads - you know the exact sequences of traffic lights - you know the pedestrians who will underestimate your speed - you know the drivers who will open their door on you. You know that white lines become ice on a wet day in summer and you know if you don't take a metre then you will be the one taken advantage of.

Likewise drawing allows you to understand the dynamic of a corner of the world like nothing else. You think about Darwin as you subliminally notice the behaviour of insects and birds. Tree's mesmerize you as they sway. A lone, still puddle is violently displaced by a car just as you finish to record it - things will never be the same. Sunlight comes and goes in an instant and shadows gradually creep east. A secret, unmarked building suddenly has a purpose as the tenants return. The unseen demographic can only be identified by footwear and speech. And cobbles, eroded over centuries, tell their own tale.


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Broughton Market

Passing a lovely wee nook coming home from a friends yesterday, I decided to pop back today to draw. The building, middle right was very nondescript. Then, in dribs and drabs, traffic wardens came back to their lair for tea.


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If I was a shoe, I'd be......

Wow - these guys are sweet, and not overly expensive. Would still be a bit lavish though - I'll get a few more jobs under my belt first...


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No more Nights at the Museum

Garden Detectives is the last of three temporary exhibitions I've helped design at the National Museums - opening two weeks ago. I had the pleasure of working with Jill Calder who did all the illustrative work - it really made the exhibition. It didn't take much to get the team to agree when they saw her work early on - childish yet dynamic was I think how I sold it in! Great internal team too - Graham Rotheray the laid back curator, Maureen Barrie the 'badgering' Project Manager, Tom'll fix it Chisholm, Emma 'ideas' Webb and Lisa 'details' Carrington. Matt Black, the long suffering joiner and friend who has to make my drawings was also there on the night of the opening. A demanding project with budget and time constraints from the off but sad to say goodbye. The phone has already gone for freelance work though!


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Day Fairclough

Ian and Sandra are off to Canada for a month after a great wedding day and weekend. The Garden ceremony worked a treat, dinner was great and the local hall was a great end for the dance. After party courtesy of Mam and Pap Kerr who were kept up until 5am. Respect. And apologies! We even ended up with the bride and groom back at the house due to the Hotel not being staffed...... You can see photo's by Jez and me here.

outside cecchini's

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Lady Wynd

Today was really muggy before the inevitable downpour mid afternoon. I sat on my bike far below the castle listening to some new, old music before my friend Sam appeared on her bike and we nattered. Other cyclists passed by, whistling away in the warm weather. I finished the drawing as a seagull poked away at a rubbish bag and a curious man in a car took photo's from his seat. I imagined he was a private detective.


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