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Irn Bru

10am and I popped down a close off the Royal Mile for a quick draw in the morning sun. The occasional person trotted through the square where the Museum of Writer's sits. A tour group came by, disturbing the peace but at least I gathered some free facts from the guide "Scotland is the only country to have a soft drink that out-sells Coke and Pepsi"......"Irn-Bru is not fit for sale in the US"..... I don't know if these are actual facts but it reminded me of Disani coming to the UK a few years ago. Irn Bru is well known for it's edgy adverts.


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the 62 to Partick

The girls who boarded the bus (one of the new fancy one's with tv screens) at Charing Cross were soon in a scrum at the front and swearing loudly at a young asian guy. "Naw - you shut the f**k up... .....NAW - YOU shut the F**K UP". They got up the back and sat beside me and had a debrief - "If there's one thing a hate more than a junkie.... it's a Paki junkie," one said, slapping her artery on the inside of her elbow, motioning to the guy. "Ah'm no a racist, but," she added to her pal. A pleasant woman with her downs syndrome daughter talked loudly on her mobile to her husband behind me, struggling to verify their location - despite being local - "....we're at the bottom enday toon.... ......ah think it's Sint Vincent street." "haud on" she put the phone against her collar bone "dis anyone know where we ir?"
Some people responded.

I was telling this to some friends last night at a beer garden in the middle of the fringe and some tourists sitting at the other end of the bench turned and asked what play it was we'd seen.......

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A clown's bike

Despite the affection for my new steed, with its thin tubing and gentlemanly looks, things are starting to fall off it. And I need new tyres. I popped up to the Bike station on Wednesday to right a problem with the mudguard stays. Because of the old, odd size, I had to (eventually) find some longer stays from a second hand set, hacksaw them down in size and twist the ends in a vice to fit around bolt. (a stand, tools and use of workshop is £3 an hour). Then used a washer with a sticky outy bit to stop it popping out. It took a lot longer than I expected but eventually I shook hands with one of the mentors who had helped me work around the problem. Patience is a virtue indeed. And, like languages, I am enthusiastic to be around the workshop but ultimately I am a pretty poor mechanic.


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David Byrne....

.....was incredible last week at the Playhouse. A slow start, it soon picked up and the all-seated crowd was up and dancing in the aisles. All in white and with well-coreographed-with-a-hint-of-improvisation in the dancing department it was a joy to watch. The band's set-up had a feel of stop making sense with monochrome clothes and the drum, percussion and keyboard risers to the rear. Backing singers were right on, even joining in with a bit of dance and the whole Brian Eno related theme made for a great set list from Talking heads classics to My life in the Bush of Ghosts to Everything that happens will happen today. Some shots from the gig here, the new album, the old wireless and his bicycle diaries.

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An old favourite

The good weather this week came on Thursday and I headed to the Trossachs with John Fox. We drove from Stirling to Aberfoyle and headed out west past Lochs Ard and Chon before stopping at Stronachlachar, by Loch Katrine, for coffee. The clouds were white and puffy and the sun baked the skin not protected by arm and leg warmers (in Scotland, along with the trusty gilet, limb warmers are used all year round). Keeping a good pace (set by John) we headed the loch on the traffic free road before starting back over the bumpy north shore, passing lot's of day-trippers when a loud snap came from John's bike - the chain and rear derailieur had broken off completely. A quick think and we soon made the 18 gears into 1, removing the deraileur, some links and reattaching the chain to a central cog. It sounded quite easy, and was, were it not for the cloud of midge's which set out to picnic on our skin. They were horrific - mental torture. In any case, we passed the Walter Scott, and John got back over the Dukes pass on a fixed gear. The descent back into Aberfoyle overtaking the cars is good fun and a baked tattie sorted us for fuel as we topped up the tan on the rest of our legs to camouflage the bites.


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The Pleasance

The Fringe is immense - with hundreds of comedy, theatre, dance and music venues all over Edinburgh and I think the Pleasance sums up the Fringe. Usually part of the University - it's a sheltered courtyard busy all day with people gathering to drink, meet and queue for one of the many venues here. Today was blistering hot and sweat dripped from my forehead as I drew. The official Edinburgh Festival starts at the end of this week but the fringe is what it's all about these days.


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The Recoat gallery's 2nd anniversary seemed to be a great success last night with some top drawings, bespoke bikes on parade and lovely people. It was a luxury to spill out on the street and drink whisky mac's on the pavement in the sunlight (courtesy of Ancnoc). My favourite stuff was from ilovedust but it was a shame the digital prints weren't screened. Niall, Sam, Corrina, Derek and I hobbled to the Doublet for a couple more as fixed gear bikes slalomed home around us.


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George Armstrong and Ian Mellis

Down in the new town after a meeting yesterday to look in a few shops - as fish kills me and cheese makes life pretty intolerable, I never really go to their respective mongers. The things I miss out on! Well maybe not the smells. I popped in to Geroge Armstrong's and picked up some clams to make a proper miso soup with and some razor clams for a bit of experimenting. The stuff in the window from the depths of the North sea is like the last wonder of the world - people stopping in awe to stare, gaping mouthed at gaping mouthed, razor teethed monsters. Mellis' window is like transporting yourself back to the forties, when people shopping local was the norm, not subject for scrutiny in some jumped up digital diary.


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Although we're a terribly civilised nation (even i f we do say so ourselves), the most civilised are often the most disgusting.

mobile pin stripe

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Spin on this

This Friday at Recoat on North Woodside Road, Glasgow - check it out!


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