last updated September 29, 2009

Autumn show

Exhibition of drawings starts this Friday in Ayrshire.
Pop along then or sometime during October if you can.


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soon she will be mine!

ya dancer!


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beggars, monkeys and dust

It's the first time I've been to Africa, and despite the European influence Morocco is very much what I thought it would be like: vibrant, magically inconsistent, scooters, incredible food, friendly, constant, noisy, fume filled, markets, beggars, monkeys and dust. I felt a bit out of place to begin with - blonde hair, posh clothes, sunburn - but the sketching soon had me squatting in the street, drawing with kids leaning up against me and having conversations in bad french with cigarette vendors. From being a sales target, sketching was an effective way to meet locals properly - more than anywhere else I've travelled.

road split

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A sheila in Edinburgh

Urban Sketcher Liz Steel continues her tour of Europe and popped into Edinburgh for tea and sketching - her book overflowing with drawings, watercolours and tea room paraphernalia. Liz has been prolific - watercolours with bags of character. She was terribly well equipped for stand-up sketching - bag arranged with everything at easy reach. It was lovely to meet a fellow sketcher and share the reekie.


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sunny but erratic

I'm shattered. I stayed up too late and threw my clothes on this morning to get up to the pool in time to meet the club. The repaired tube hadn't been fully pumped so the tyres got a refresh. Energy drink mixed, money for coffee, pump, spare tube, gel. cool. The 9.40 group rolled on time, clicking into pedals as the swarm took over the road and slipped down the side street. Comforting chat of good weather and new purchases takes us to Dalkeith as we split into three.

We soon meet a taxi on a junction with a bike and body in the back - the fast group had lost a man to a nasty accident - the victim, reaquainting his shoe with his bike sent all his force down on an imaginary pedal. The resulting bloodied hand cut away to the bone. Immediately our pace is quickened as we slip into the Belgian rotation style - a smooth chain of riders following an elongated oval shape. obstruction warnings litter the air - smooth as the chain may be, Scottish roads are far from it. We swallow up fallen riders and lose others.

The pace is erratic - inexperienced riders pushing too hard on the front, breaking rythmn and flow. My legs burn at Prestonpans and five of us are dropped. A scrabble to get the wheel ensues and we're soon back. We change direction within the rotation as the west wind blows. A young, impatient guy pulls out, almost into an oncoming car when the pace is not enough, gathering insults from almost everyone of us. The pace lightens as we hit Musselburgh and it's civilised chat again - holidays and DIY - we're all friends - not gritted teeth and slabber like the last 40 miles.


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sunday lunch

monday and tuesday's dinner.


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Everything that happens will happen today

Worth a download from here.


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Windows over the North Sea

Last weekend of the festival included Sunday lunch by Edinburgh's windswept, but none-the-less beautiful, Portobello beach. Heading off to Sweden on Thursday saw still unsettled weather but with a view ahead to cosy nights in with an open fire, a good book and even better company.


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