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Four years ago in south Osaka, and whilst searching for something else, I stumbled upon the tunes of Ballboy. They were to do with nothing in my life at the time but came to be integral in the music I'd listen to whilst heading into the mountains over to Wakayama on the bike. I knew nothing about the band, and despite the powers of Mr and Mrs Google, decided to leave it that way. A luxury these days, to not let the internet influence you one way or the other. I could tell they were Scottish but didn't know if they were new or old, if they still produced records, toured, what.


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Camera Obscura

I've broken out the water-colours again after a very long break. I've never been that great at them but I've loosened up a lot - I think it also helps a lot having the proper paper - I bought a cold press block of paper which seems to right the paper after it gets wet - a hint from Tommy Kane. I seem to be doing well with minimal skies - perhaps because they are just that: simple - perhaps subconsciously after viewing all the talent on Urban sketchers - who I almost forgot to post about being 1 year and 1,000,000 views old - some feat from the one and only Gabi Campanario. Felicitations! My colours are quite weak but I think there's a great danger in over loading the brush with colour. That or I'm just scared. Wil Freeborn does some amazingly rich colour work as well as Tommy.

camera obscura

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Beyond the Peleton

In this sweet little documentary about building a pro bike team, the Cervelo Test team show you how it's done. Some incredible staff, equipment and riders help to make the story complete.

"If you know how to suffer...... the rest is easy."


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My Kinky Afro T-shirt came through the post the other week - much to my delight. Great memories of the Sub club in the nineties. Cheers Matt!

kinky t

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Dean Village

Down a good few layers by the water of Leith, lies Dean village: a beautiful, if slightly dank (it gets little sunlight in winter) neuk by the new town. I stood at the top of a flight of stairs, by the turkish baths and watched the very slight comings and goings of an ancient neighbourhood. A woman saw a guest to the door with a "tatty-bye" which made me laugh - we got into conversation and she told me of a chinese student, years ago, who was sitting in the snow drawing the same scene. She was whisked in to warm by the fire. I didn't even get a cup of tea so I must remember to go back in February.


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Whilst watching Remembrance Sunday at the cenotaph I couldn't help noticing how well dressed the Royals were. The Earl of Wessex particularly stood out with matt black buttons on a stormy grey doubler. The pigs trotter collar is a definite for the winter streets of New York, Paris and Tokyo.


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I went to speedway yesterday - it was loads of fun! I didn't even know it was still a sport in Scotland despite Edinburgh alone having had 20 teams, with hard fought leagues, back in the day. After Derek's bash on Saturday I didn't quite make it at the beginning but was greeted by a warm, friendly bunch who were very passionate and shared lots of information. The track is tiny but plenty space to get a run up to the brakeless corners. I'll get down again without cleats - they hamper good pedal grip. The pedals are a simple acrylic block with sandpaper - look great!


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Modern Etiquette #165 - potentially pissing on your chips

I've joined a lot more groups on Flickr, the photo sharing website, over the past six months. I've realised that joining the groups (cycling in edinburgh / location drawing) is a good way to either find out about events or develop techniques, in the case of drawing. I find it positive and educational.

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Modern Etiquette #164 - bleeding ears

The buses in Edinburgh are pretty good. There's a decent amount of them and you know when the next one is coming. 60 years ago there used to be a problem with men in bowler hats and pipes playing 78's on old gramophones - the space they took up, not to mention the poor sound quality and racket. 30 years ago the 'Boom-Box' and 'Walkman' became equally annoying disturbances on a quiet journey and, with the advent of ear-plug headphones, I thought the syndrome of leaky music was over.


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