last updated December 30, 2009

The Toon

A cold, cold wind runs through Newcastle train station in December. Luckily a warm, quiet coach and a hip flask eased me back to Edinburgh after Christmas. Drawn on the cover of an over used sketchbook with sign pen and white pencil.

Newcastle Station

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Coal fires, whisky, snow, warm pubs, marzipan fruit, stocking, antique bicycle magazines, snow, perfect ham, red wine, sun, warm pubs, lie-ins, films, fox hunt, ice, warm bed, marzipan fruit, turkey and brussels, a pocket watch, neighbours visiting, beer, nap, exploding chestnuts, stretching, a walk, red wine....... a fine Christmas.


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Sanny Kloz

Here's a scene and a half from yesteryear. I guess I was still well into Lego and just getting into the Housemartins. Girls were a few years off. Probably the Public Hall in West Kilbride - 1984? Looks like we scored a candy cane each. God, my mum dressed us well.

skinny jeans and leg warmers

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Feeding one's habit

It's okay - it wasn't permanent.



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The Great British Public

Sometimes I lose faith in Britain as a country. And sometimes I get reminded of it's Greatness. I just bought my first single in years.......


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Jack Frost Nipping

It's gotten cold here. Our more typical wet weather from the Atlantic has thankfully given way to a dry, cold front from mainland Europe. I love it. Scotland has been shrouded in a blanket of freezing mist the past week. Thankfully I had Christmassy colours at hand in Cafe Rouge today - the guy outside on the right is doing up his zip.

café rouge window

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what does your company do for the environment?

I live in Edinburgh so I'm more the brogues, monacle and corduroy type. Running a company now I do have a responsibility for my carbon footprint. I travel by bicycle for every journey within the city limits and take the train for almost every journey outwith. The cleats I currently use on my cycling shoes have three small protruding rubber pads which means, even with the heel making contact, my footprint is already tiny. By combining the love of bikes with the recent Japanese trend of Warm-Biz (turning the heating down and supplementing with a layer of clothes) I am one step away from setting up the bike in front of the computer to generate power for my electrical use which will make me, finally, carbon neutral.


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