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carbon neutral?


Working on a job for a leading carpet tile manufacturer just now - one of the worlds most environmentally progressive companies. I had huge reservations about the waste generated from exhibition design after a few years in the profession but experience and jobs like these keep me going. I found out at the National Museum that it's quite easy to off load waste on third parties - be it acrylic for a CDT department at a local high school or timber to a wood recycling project. It just takes a phone call. Here are carpet tiles that we print on and reuse for other exhibitions. When their life is over they are recycled into backing product for new tiles.

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Reestit Mutton

reestit mutton

I'm a big advocate of traditions - sometimes it feels like it's in contrast with my (probably-natural-but-not-overpowering) interest in societies advances. I know my heart sits firmly with tradition though; the lack of complication. I'm not one to look back but rather I appreciate those things that work. I suppose as an example is that my head has never been able to understand travel to other planets when things down here are broke. It's like having a cleaner who lives in squalor, double standards. My interest in space travel couldn't be less.

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In design it is hard to know how the outcome of a project will be received - you can never predict - especially when it is a prevalent subject. You can have a good guess if an idea is simple and effective enough. Frankly, you know in your head when a concept hits the target or fails, straight away. The ideal is not always reached but the best attempt made.

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The excitement of the snow is over and now discarded Christmas trees litter the streets.


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The bed was warm, the view poking through from the bottom of the blind still white. In long-johns and a t-shirt I stumbled between walls with a furrowed brow and scowl. As I waited for the coffee machine to heat up I squinted out the window, yawning and registered shavings of snow falling into the Garden: my snow-o-meter being the abandoned bike's saddle out the back window.

I'm desperate to get out on my bike. I had to call off Tuesday after 3 or 4 miles as the old Lanark road just became two tyre tracks in the snow. I, nor the cars, were appreciating me being there. As patient as they were. There was hope when I met another cyclist en-route to the meet point this morning, the snow not yet having had much affect. We collected 4 others at the pool as the road started to get covered and headed out. I could tell by both visibility and road condition that this would finish at the top of the hill on the way to Dalkeith. Half way there, and going straight, I met snowy tarmac and turned around with the other skinny tyred brigade - the pragmatic mountain bikers venturing on. I think it's time to buy a turbo.

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Yuki ya kon kon


It was on the news last night - reports confirmed Britain is officially 'chanking'.

Edinburgh, and Britain in general, is experiencing a cold snap which the Daily Telegraph said would "freeze the nipples off Satan". Even headlines are affected - "Water bills frozen" said the Mail yesterday. Of course the media circus is loving it, whipping up fury and pointing fingers at this week's scape goats - council workers. Reports are full of words like treacherous, battling, nightmare, arctic. And that's just the BBC. It's a media madness - News programs have actually got something to talk about that people understand, have a view on and doesn't get boring (like Israel / Iran / Afghanistan). Since communication became instant we have developed into needing immediate solutions for all life's questions - we seem to have lost the ability to understand patience and common sense. Why won't the snow just leave us alone?

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