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The Carron Valley Loop



It's become a new part of my routine that I will meet John, occaisionally, in a new location and by train before heading off on new or far away rides. It's a great habit and keeps my local rides from getting boring (an easy turn off for cycling). After bitching about the cost of the train we headed on busy, aggressive and cut up roads to Denny where everything changes as you start climbing gently up to the reservoir. It's a truly lovely start to the Highlands - Fife's white topped mountains behind, Perthshire's tall snowy peaks to the right, and Ben lomond and all the rest ahead. The day was clear and cold and a bit icey. If nicey. The old climb over the crow road back to Lennoxtown was gruelling then constant without pain followed by the lovely descent with Glasgow in the back ground, blinded by the winter sun that had taken most of the frost and light ice of the road. We had satisfying baked tatties before going our separate ways, me fighting to get back to falkirk before my off-peak ticket was invalid. The carrot and stick to any penny-pincher.

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school fire victims mocked

school fire victims mocked

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