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Time out

Sometimes Friday evenings are meant for getting your feet up.


Posted by stupot at 01:24 PM Saturday 26 Jun

Solstice in Morar

The sands of Morar is a beautiful spot - 40 miles west of Fort William. The scenery is spectacular as six of us make the trip up to celebrate the longest day. It's a long drive but well worth the winding roads to be met by the natural beauty of the place. It doesn't get fully dark this far north and we were granted good weather, camping on the silver beach itself, soaking up sun, eating from the fire and watching the steam train pass on its way to Mallaig. It's a long winter but trips like this are so much more appreciated as a result.


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Swings and Roundabouts

I sit at my desk making a list, mid-drawing, whilst staring at the screen with a specifiers book in my lap which I glance down at now and again. It's a nice day so the window at the back is open and I can hear what sounds like builders drilling into masonry. I notice the time and head off to a doctors appointment. I'm in the waiting room for about half an hour and, as it's a nice day, the window is open. I can hear workers out the back and their intermittent drilling. Eventually I am called by the doctor. We have a chat and then she stares at the screen a lot, making a list and occasionally staring down at her drugs manual.

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Ooter Hebs

So it appears that young Mr Third and I have almost concocted a route for some Outer hebridean cycling. He having the upper hand of a past visit and knowledge of the Topography, it looks like we'll arrive Monday 5th July (not wanting to interupt the Sabbath), do the Uists on Tuesday, an easy exploration of Harris on Wednesday, up to Garenin on Thursday and over to Stornoway on Friday for the ferry, bike bus and train back to where the masses gather. And sod the wind and weather - there's no predicting from where it will come.

outer hebrides route

Posted by stupot at 04:43 PM Sunday 13 Jun

Love thy Neighbour?

The Glasgow Harbour development is not the kind of place you might think has a close-knit community - but you'd be wrong. We had a great barbecue at Niall's on Saturday with a whole gang from the flats. Long term friends fixing boilers and looking out for one another in general. A destroyer sat across the water, almost complete - a remnant of Glasgow Old.

A news report the other night, in contrast, was about where the new Government would make their financial cuts. They wanted the British public to give ideas and have their say. Usually such a vocal group post-legislation, the reporter on the streets found no-one could answer this question. "As long as it doesn't affect me" said one man. "So you're happy as long as it's someone else who suffers?" asked the reporter. "Isn't that what everyone wants?" asked the man back.

Welcome back to Tory Britain.

Destroyer BBQ

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Green and Pleasant Tarmac

The drive to and from Tunbridge Wells for Fiona and Rob's Wedding on Saturday was a good reminder of what Britain is to the majority. Drivers who vote Conservative, shop in Bluewater and watch football. whilst I condone that to a degree, it just reminds me why popular culture means so little to me. The wedding, on the other-hand, was a true British classic - a wonderful couple in a stunning, sunlit setting.


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