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Lit and Phil

Wow. Big news abound - The Literary and Philosophical library of Newcastle are hosting an exhibition of artwork by Viz. The opening was catered for by Greggs and it seems like we'll be able to visit on the 30th. Seeing my obvious envy of a signed Viz annual Laura had acquired in her youth, I was presented with a signed canvas bag by Mr Bennison. Who says Christmas comes in December? and where's the framers number?


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After a pretty somber Friday we headed east to the land of Fife. The sun came out and we eventually got to the lovely Craigdene B&B in Colinsburgh and dinner on the front at Elie. With the sun still beating down on Saturday, we secured a couple of seats on the boat to the Isle of May and pottered around Anstruther. The Fence Collective had a shop open in the library, for the week, as part of the Haar Festival in the Neuk with lovely cake stands and iphone covers.
With picnic in bag we bobbed and dipped on the slow chugging boat, with 80 others, over to the nature reserve of May. Immersed in Ornithology and History I would only find out later how much I was also being immersed in sunshine. The boat trip by the cliffs full of Puffins, Fulmars, Manx Shearwaters, Shags (there were no jokes) and the hook-nosed sea pigs that filled the coastal waters was fantastic. We had a few hours on shore amongst the rabbits, lighthouses and other birds before making the slow but calming trip back, sucking on an IPA.
We met Laura's mum and dad in Crail at their lovely wee rented pad in the old maltings and had suppers and a walk by the harbour. The haar had come in the next morning as we headed to Pittenween for the arts festival. If there had been a list it was being ticked off at pace. Some of the artists, in the various garages and gardens, were very highly skilled. Others were charlatans. The ice cream shop and the walk on the harbour in the sun were never going to be let-down's though and we basked with others licking our cones on the front, eyes half closed in the sunshine - staring out to sea.

Isle of May

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State of Affairs

According to Zizek.


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A brush with the Fringe

is possibly the way to do it.

On a whim, Will and I made a rendezvous for 8pm and headed down through Princes Street Gardens. We passed a floating restaurant, people in drag, a big top, castle-hill lit up in the summers evening sun, people impersonating a Monet painting by sitting on the verge beneath trees, the floral clock, dutch camper cans and their passengers making stalls, the calm throngs around Waverley, miles of bill posters taking us over the High street. Finally we passed the Cowgate and rose a little to the Pleasance.

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Possibly defining

When I look through the book that is a history of my home village I see that there was a bicycle club a hundred years ago, with maybe 50 members. Not long before the advent of the affordable motor car, the bicycle gave freedom to the working man. Even women. The countryside was breached, people had independence - Clarion clubs brought together workers to venture outside industrial centres.


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