last updated March 24, 2011


Unusually early for a meeting in the east end, I stopped to get a drawing of the construction of Scotland's new Velodrome. Currently there is an old outdoor track in Edinburgh or the next nearest is British Cycling's home in Manchester. Many people ask me if I think it will actually get used. I suggest that below all the Olympic and World Championship gold medals we have, there is perhaps a community from which these medal winners are produced.

In fact I hope the problem will be more getting anywhere near it when it opens to the public because of demand! A man passed me on a bike and smiled and commented on how difficult it is to navigate through the road works. Not long now I said - soon this will be Mecca!


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Singing in the rain

I wake up slowly, firstly to sound, then to light. I can tell without opening my eyes that it isn't sunny but nor is it rainy. I get up and stretch and collapse back into a hunch as I go to the kitchen to put on the coffee machine. I open curtains and put lights on to cheer things up and kid my body on it's warm. I'm up before the heating is on so I boost it forward. I put on my layers which usually make me sweat but are just comfortable. Two pairs of socks, thermal base, 2 leg layers. I have coffee and read the dregs of the Sundays - they'll last til Thursday morning. John arrives and he's wet - we drink coffee and chat and put off the inevitable - we're going out but we both have doubts. We head up through town and eventually against the rush hour traffic which is ridiculous. I never see it so it's a ridiculous sight. We push on up toward Torrance and onto B roads, the rain turns to sleet and then snow and hands and feet start going numb. Ears and chins too. My over shoes and gloves have accumulated 4 bags of sugar with the wet - my feet drag as I turn the peddles and all the people in cars look sad and cheerless - we're cold but we're grinning and howling. Maryhill, Queen Margaret Drive, Kelvinhall, Cheerio, Bath.


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I'm very lucky to live so close to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and park. This cafe is just a one minute walk away. The view from my flat of Kelvingrove is very much vertical; the doorway and central turrets framed by the two rows of blonde, sandstone tenements of Regent Moray street. In contrast, I like how the length of the building is framed here by the windows of the cafe.


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Three lochs


The Dunoon loop was on the cards and I was hesitant but ready. I waited in the coffee shop and John eventually turned up alone - Stevie 'the endurance monster' Bongo was out so we went for plan B. Wanting a decent length we scooted up for 10 to Anniesland and joined the bunch going west. There was little wind so the pace was decent and I worried for how long I might last. We steamrolled through Helensburgh having picked up more at Dumbarton and headed lochside to Arrochar and just holding the pace, over to Tarbert. I was fried before Balloch and shot out the back - not enough legs and not enough food. My body was wrecked - I checked the computer at one point and it read an average of 21mph for 2.5 hours. That's certainly near the limit for me. Must train harder!

anniesland bunch

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