last updated July 23, 2011

How terribly British

There's an advert on TV just now for marmite that has an animated snail and frog discussing haute cuisine. In Brummy accents they talk about their disdain for this kind of food, they jokingly don't understand what 'escargot' is. It ends up them taking out the 'u' and changing the slogan to 'hate cuisine' - which is a very British approach.

Other adverts for food include Richmond sausages, which, apart from being machine made, taste like they're machine made. The advert shows them with some limp mash and peas and a side order of no imagination. Whilst we happily flock to watch Masterchef, the food culture of Britain remains manufactured and bland. I was shocked a few weeks ago in Italy to see the vegetable section of markets and supermarkets filled high with all different shapes and colours of fresh produce. It makes the vegetables here look like they've come from a mould which is deeply worrying. There was a TV show on regional programming the other day - one highlighted Keith Floyd's famous early shows which tried to promote all the seafood we sent abroad - and still do.

We ate at the new 'Strada' restaurant in Edinburgh last week on our return from Italy and despite it being fairly quiet, had to send back all our food: unseasoned, basil-less, uncored tomato and basil salad, chips that weren't fresh, a pizza with dressing we'd asked for without. In most other countries they celebrate food but we seem afraid to fully embrace it. Not so much a chip as a whole fish supper on the shoulder.....


(On the plus side, some good tips for anyone visiting Edinburgh in the up-coming weeks are - Bon Vivant, Hendersons, Central Mosque and Spoon)

Posted by stupot at 10:15 PM Saturday 23 Jul

Machair Bound

Another bike and ferry trip coming soon. Again with Mr Third but this time taking on board Ross 'gritted teeth' Davidson. Parcours will be Glasgow - Lochranza - Craignure - Tobermory - Arisaig. Not being massive fans of Oban, and coinciding with a large sailing event, we've been forced into taking accommodation in Mull which is actually very agreeable. It will mean we ride straight onto a ferry from our digs on Arran and straight off the ferry to a bed in Craignure. This gives two options to ride to Tobermory, both taking in Calgary bay and a dip! We've decided to end in Arisaig rather than Mallaig for a bit of serenity. Cannae wait.


Posted by stupot at 11:10 AM Thursday 21 Jul