last updated September 24, 2011

Eat and be Thankful

Tron searching for pies

105 miles

Today was a lesson in eating.
We've not been on a long ride for a while and although we had stocked up on gels and had had our porridge, we still failed - on an epic scale - to eat nearly enough food. We burned 10,000 calories between us yet all we ate on the ride from Glasgow to Dunoon was 4 gels each, 2 coffees and a piece of shortbread/ fruit slice. You don't have to be the nutritionist for Team GB to work out that does not equate to the required amount.

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Posted by stupot at 08:09 PM Saturday 24 Sep

KC and the sunshine band

I managed to delete the photo's from my phone and the drawing never got finished (I was enjoying myself with friends, give me a break) so there is no image to accompany this post. The gig, though, was one of the best: 24 hours after the Mercury music prize had been given to Polly Harvey for her Let England Shake album (which I enjoyed in part but got thrown off the studio dock), wee Kenny was back in Scotland for a good old ho down at the Grand ole Opry.

We had a pint next door as the queue retreated - only to find another one inside, formed by committee members, to ensure a civilised experience at the bar. It was slow and odd but we managed to get out of it as the support act were finishing behind us. We viewed the great plains of Arizona, painted all around us as the main attraction came out (John Hopkins and King Creosote). It started slowly but beautifully with some great tunes from Diamond Mine before lapsing into some older pieces (accompanied by more fence collective) - occasionally sung in harmony with a loud, unstable and relentless drunk in the audience - not a lot of fun but the King was disparaging if polite which had a calming effect. This was added to by a communal shooshing which calmed things down. A seagull and seal impression were thrown in for good measure. Finishing with Sinead O'Connor's nothing compares to you was a stroke of genius which Laura was fast to guess. The next long queue - to get signed records - was well worth it. All hail the king.

Posted by stupot at 09:43 PM Tuesday 20 Sep

It Rolls Good with Angry Bee Sound

So I was at the bike shop. The clutter fest. I was getting the wheels trued after they'd been broken in by Glasgow pot holes. Almost literally. People come and go in wheelcraft which is partly the allure. All decent folk just passing and dropping by for a coffee. We met an elderly couple, some rapha clad wealthy 50 somethings, some rotund chaps who probably don't do so much cycling. Alastair, the owner, was toying with a salesman on the other end of the telephone line. A Shimano rep appeared on a motorbike and was in chatting as I tried to keep Alastair on track. I noticed on the back of his T-shirt a quote "It Rolls good with angry bee sound" with the name Akiyoshi Takamura below.

I know one person in Japan called Akiyoshi Takamura. I also know he's a keen cyclist. I also know how he writes English - we communicate by email for work. I dropped him a line the next day and sure enough - It's a very small world.

Posted by stupot at 09:52 AM Tuesday 6 Sep