last updated May 27, 2012

The five ferries

five ferries route

75 miles

Our 5.45 start was not as early as some that we met on our day of many ferries. During this spell of exceptional weather, (which feels like a dream, such is its contrast to everyday life) we knew that we would awake to Arran in dusty pink with purples and warm browns, the sea green and tree canopies dancing a little. We tip-toed to first wash and then drink coffee before we laid out our kit for the day and gave the bikes one last breathe of air in the tyres.

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Posted by stupot at 07:24 PM Sunday 27 May

White Rabbits


We had to travel to Perth to pick up our camper van but the train connection is good, it gave us time to gather our thoughts and crucially, it let the previous nights' weather front move off. The forecast had been watched and optimism was rife but we still brought the gloves, scarf and waterproof jackets to satisfy the Sun God. The drive across to Crieff, Rannoch Moor and Glen Coe was moody - snow was very much visible on the tops of the Bens and clouds were still low (comparatively) but by the time we checked into the Clachaig Inn, the blue skies surrounded us and after food and a brief nap we were good to start our adventure proper.

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Posted by stupot at 12:31 PM Saturday 5 May