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We'd never been over to Eigg and despite being quite at home on the Mallaig line I had no idea what awaited us on Eigg - how open or cliffy it was in reality. What mystical beasts lived there. There was a few obvious AWAY GAME friends on the train and at Arisaig more gathered from cars to stow inside the wee Sheerwater vessel that Captain Ronnie would use to take us to our new (temporary) society. Moods were good, expectant, happy to meet all these new interesting people. We nibbled sunflower seeds on the boat and the sun baked us as we drew closer to the island. The nationalities were becoming obvious - it was predominately a Celtic mix of Scots, Welsh and French - the latter being the suave ones with the good skin, cool shades and tartan blankets.

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Posted by stupot at 11:37 AM Tuesday 24 Jul

Theatre and Theatre


'Big Sven' is a man I have known for a few years. He serves the coffee in a shop I used to frequent and still do occasionally. A gentle giant, like many peers, he is also an artist. I knew he rented off the fishmonger-owner of the coffee shop in a space nearby but I had never really found out much more about his art. I was too slow the last time he had a gathering but I heard enough of the experience to make me hungry for a view and so with luck, I secured the last ticket for last Friday's performance.

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Posted by stupot at 04:23 PM Sunday 1 Jul