last updated September 16, 2012

Unchartered territory


52 miles

It was a jolly, coffee and cake, start to our second day at the welcoming CAFE BIBE: the raspberry bakewell was amazing and they were cool about putting another shot in a weak coffee. Oblivious to the weather forecast for the coming few days we dragged ourselves up and over the first climb of the day. This recurring theme is obviously a side-effect of taking quiet B-roads. Like any other modern dilemma, you have to weigh up if the side-effect is worth while to make life more positive. Of course, on roads where sheep out-number motor vehicles, the decision is easy. The road to Kirkmichael was a joy and we rolled down toward the village for more coffee and cake at THE VILLAGE SHOP, eschewing energy bars for the time being.

The temperature was something that had changed though and this would become the main topic of conversation over the next few days as we checked that "it wasn't just us?" Kirkmichael was looking well with its thriving classic car garage (we were to find several of these in clachans as the road led east and north) but we were back on the road and, after a slight wrong turning which only made our loop more circular we were on the back road to Kirriemuir. We dipped south a few miles to take lunch at Alyth and found our best coffee yet - at DIRLIEBANE cafe where we had a home cooked lunch and picked up fresh local sausages and mince for our tea. Remembering an onion and any veg, to accompany our rice and dry sauce would have been inspired.

We plodded on the B roads, stopping for tea by a sheltered field of horses and skirted Kirriemuir before heading north toward Glen Prosen, eventually stumbling into the Hostel at about 7 o'clock. We were met by a tall, slight man with a neckerchief and travelling alone - I mistook him for the warden and he said very little until we left the next morning, his lack of confidence and edginess took him until then to tell me where the warden lived so at least he had done his job of passing on the information. Having made a prior booking and being self propelled I had no thoughts about chasing someone to give them my money - as suspected the cleaner came early and we tried in vain to pay.

Glen Prosen Hostel is a wee cracker and I'd thoroughly recommend it - a homely split level living dining area, bedside lights (smarten up your act SYHA) and excellent showers. There are decent areas to sit outside and a rope swing. And we didn't even explore!

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