last updated May 6, 2013

Why good design is often very little design


Last Thursday I went to the best bar I've been in in a long time.

I'd met up with a fellow sketcher in Malaga (Luis) and received a great tour of the city. I hadn't been doing much reading up as I'd been to the region before so I gladly sucked up all the information. When we drew at the meat market (I chose after I'd seen a sketch of his there), he told me that amongst other things (Original Moorish entrance had been incorporated, fishmongers were not present due to the bank holiday etc) that the coast line used to be just outside the front door. Now this is not Japanese scale but there had nevertheless been a lot of reclaimed land over the past few hundred years - actually it was more reminiscent of Hong Kong.

The bar we went to was just down the lane and another coast line, a few hundred years back. There are stacked, fortified wine barrels and some bench tables in front. in between there are old men in white coats serving a steady stream of customers and scrawling their bill, in chalk, a top the tables. There were other things - a few chest freezers, a glass fronted fridge to another wall with tapas inside - but broadly the basis of the business was that simple. Traditionally a sailors hangout it was now a decent mix of tourists and locals without it feeling that it had lost all its charm.

The point here is that you can pour design and finishes into a hostelry but as long as you have a good product, are welcoming and don't rip people off, you can have as honest and basic an interior as you please.

Posted by stupot at 09:23 PM Monday 6 May