last updated July 28, 2013

Are they really prescription lenses?


My eyesight is not so bad - It was one of the few things that I used to pride myself on being in complete control of. I used to put it down to my love of raw carrots. Like so many other parts of my body though, I now need a wee bit of extra help. The thing is I can function at near distance with very few problems and even some things that are a bit further away I can squint to see.

But that's not really good enough if you either have a. any standards or b. make your living from being visual. Details are crucial for me - from understanding a subject I am drawing to rehashing that into a design I make later - it's all very important to me when I give time to think about it. I get a bit of stick for having nice glasses with very little apparent function but, like the details I view, subtleties are only seen by a chosen few.

Posted by stupot at 05:35 PM Sunday 28 Jul

people in glass houses

I’m in the middle of designing some bars at the moment and this makes me reflect on current trends and traditions. I have to admit I’m quite a traditionalist when it comes to the craft of how things are made but there’s something I’ve noticed in my neighbourhood that makes me shun this view and look, unequivocally, toward the future.

Public houses, as they are traditionally known, are far from the all inclusive, co-operative the name suggests. In the west of Scotland these are predominantly male haunts where 19th century pursuits are still encouraged. Bigotry, sectarianism, cabaret signers the whole neighbourhood is subjected to and fights of a weekend all go on behind the head height walls (this is not my opinion - I have watched and listened to it for many years).

There is now just one of these left in my neighbourhood and I won’t be sad when it goes. Judging by the time they close up at night it won’t be long. The other 3 pubs now have full height glazing and all can see inside. They welcome families, dogs, traditional musicians - you name it. They have a decent food offering or restaurant and eating is encouraged. No one is falling about intoxicated.

The transparency is literal and, in this respect, I like the way society is progressing.

Posted by stupot at 03:41 PM Wednesday 24 Jul