last updated December 30, 2013

You Lookin' at Me?

I look away from people when I'm talking to them.

Some traits you pick up from other people (parents / contemporaries) and some traits you just display without thinking. I struggle with finding the right word some times, so I look away from people. Without intending to labour the point I strive to find the correct word. Looking at the human face is one of the most off-putting (& interesting) subjects to look at and so I tend to look away a lot. It helps concentration but it annoys the majority of gentrified humans (they think there is something more important than them going on).

It's a bit like writing this stream of consciousness - it IS a stream of consciousness but even as I write I still need to think of the right word. Correct word. Appropriate word. Proper word. Applicable. This is not contrived - I don't do it to appear more clever: sometimes I repeat words too much or I know that there is a more relevant (better, pertinent, suitable) way of describing something. Staring at the page doesn't help so I look out the window and develop a 'thousand yard stare'.

This is similar to the way the brain deals with other problem-solving situations like design: riding a bicycle can help solve problems because you allow the brain to switch off from the subject and be free to answer the question without pressure. Focus can come from being, as someone might perceive it, completely unfocussed. As someone else may describe it - meditation.

Posted by stupot at 12:03 PM Monday 30 Dec