last updated January 26, 2014


Normally we'd all jump at the chance of some time off work: being aware of working too hard is a valuable, if easy-to-miss, insight. The fact I'd already set out for a calmer January made me question the accidents' motives. My pace had obviously not slackened off enough. This fell under the same banner as trying to thoroughly set the flat straight, only for the boiler to go on strike.

It's also a bit like going to a meeting expectant of a certain result - you're invariably going to be wrong. Especially if a positive result is assumed.

In any case - or every case - this is what we generally call 'life'. You do not find guarantees but rather some times things work out well and other times you get a run of 'shit' happening. As we understand that this is a given, it is then how you deal with 'the shit' that is most important.

Anyhow, this was just meant to be a record of recuperation development so I'll get back to facts:

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Posted by stupot at 12:44 PM Sunday 26 Jan


ride. ride. traffic. ride. rain. ride. dry. warm. change clothes. change bike. go. go. go. round. round. round. round. stop. drink. round. round. round.


touch collarbone. bumpy. sit at table. whats your address. eyes wide. an ambulance is coming. responses slow. no pain. bit of pain. more pain. nice folk. in the ambulance. gas and air. pretty sore. talking deep and slow. is my voice deep and slow?

sit on bed. clothes in a bag. wide eyes. in a cubicle. alone. taken to a corridor. sit watching wall. shiver. x-ray. and another. and another. sit outside. back for another. back to cubicle. splint and sling. sit alone. pain. Laura arrives. relief. waiting room. everyone looking. look at floor. taxi comes. rain. overwhelming. mixed with reality. pain. home.

Posted by stupot at 03:25 PM Thursday 9 Jan