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Is it on the Trolley?

We are now served on our trains by a retail manager who serves from the retail trolley. This used to be known as the drinks trolley or simply 'the trolley'. Retail feels a little formal doesn't it? Theres an honesty about 'the tea man' or 'the tea lady'. Sure, they sell other shit, but deep down most folks want a tea - maybe with a wee cheeky bit of shortbread on the side. These managers always seem to work alone as well which makes me wonder what they are managing- the crisps? And are they on a managers wage?!

I remember visiting Italy and seeing the kerfuffle that happened at interchange stations on the platforms as overheated passengers angled for cold, fizzy water during summertime. I recall watching guys selling from vast pots of chai in india on Michael Palin's aroud the world. The tea man in India was respected and there was theatre. He was an important part of the journey.

It now seems incredible that we are allowed to buy hot drinks at all given their scalding heat on a rocking carriage. Who could deal with such a balancing act? We are now offered packaged hymogony, probably best described on a thomas cook flight to greece where, having travelled past juicy, fresh watermelons served off a cart by the side of the road, we are offered pot noodles and cup a soups, instant coffee and maltesers.

Bring back theatre and informality to journeys!

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I still read a cycling magazine and Viz comic fairly regularly - I've done this on and off since I was 15 and I'm pretty proud of the fact. I found myself on the verge of an asthma attack last week, crying with laughter as I read excerpts of the Profanasaurus. I think the term in question was 'Tramps tongue'.

Cycling weekly doesn't quite have the same effect but it gives a reasonable amount of enjoyment and keeps me up to speed with the peleton. The other thing I've been doing for 25 years is going to gigs - something that usually inspires, elates but rarely induces asthma attacks.

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