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Lumpy and Whippy

Cowal is a place I've been to on quite a few occasions but I've never really been over to the west side which rests on Loch Fyne. The area is incredibly accessible from Glasgow and is why the town's merchants had houses on Dunoon and Rothesay which also explains their period grandness. In miles it is not far but the ascending, descending and new, dramatic landscapes around each corner makes it feel like you could be entering another country, which, I suppose, you are. We were staying at Laura's uncle and Aunt's chalet just by Otter Ferry and arriving on Saturday evening in good weather I unpacked the bike and headed South for Portavadie on the stretch of road I hadn't ever been on. The direct route over the Bealach to Glendaruel is cruel so I thought better of it at the beginning of our break: 'Uncle Jonny' having tipped me off (to cement my decision, I met a cyclist coming the other way the following day who had broken a crank going up it).

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Ted and Liz

2 weeks ago I was on the Isle of Eigg and walking over from the tearoom to Cleadale I noticed a postbox with the initials GR as part of the raised cast emblem - it was a wall mounted one: the wall looking in this case like it had been made purely for the purpose of housing a post box. It dawned on me that usually these read ER (as in Elizabeth Regina) but the GR was surely a reference to King George (Rex) of Georgian fame. We met to watch the road race for the Commonwealth Games where we'd been last year for the National Champs - just by the post box at the end of Cecil Street in the west end. We were standing about between laps, the awning out from Neil's van to shelter us - and eventually some stewards - from the rain, when an old man paused as he walked by. I could tell he wanted to say something and I asked if he was alright - he said he was happy they'd painted it. He was talking about the box and I agreed, but was oblivious to what he was getting at. "There are only a few of these left you know - the E on the box is not for Elizabeth but Edward the 8th". I'd forgotten about his short reign but it transpires the Royal Mail had managed to put up 161 boxes in that time. Few of these remain intact as most were changed to a G for George. The scripted E is followed by VIII you can notice if you're bored enough to pop up and have a look. He really rained on my postbox fact I'd been sharing for only a fortnight - but I was happy he'd shared a better one. Pass it on.

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'People Make Glasgow' is the newly adopted slogan of the city. Glasgow has been stylish, a mister man, but now it's finally all about the people. And it's true, for good or bad, people really do make Glasgow: outgoing, talkative, helpful, funny. Standing at a bus stop in Glasgow invariably warrants a chat about situation in hand, whether you want it or not. Hardships are overcome by community and discussion: Be it standing in the rain waiting for a bus or bringing a landlord to heel (more difficult should this be the council).

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