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Loch Class

When you go to Skye you don't even need to take a ferry these days - for the other larger islands you take the big ferries - the Island Class ferries. You can get some space to yourself, some decent food and you're generally very comfortable: especially if you have been at the mercy of the weather during your visit. They even have blow up ferries you can buy. Which is quite cool. Dependent on the direction of the wind and the experience of the captain, these ferries can go out in pretty rough weather. On the final leg of our day to get to Jura we were definitely not on one of these. It was a tiny shelf of a thing and there was no hiding from the elements other than an out of place, urban bus shelter bolted to the deck. I thought about the daily school run heading to Islay where we'd left: how well the kids would get to know these stirring currents in a strait just south of the worlds 3rd largest whirlpool, the Corryvreckan. We were on a loch class vessel: which despite its small size, is a favourable sign of approaching an area sparsely populated with humans.

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Picky eater

If I eat fish, I go into an anaphylactic shock. My throat swells up and blocks my airwaves. Even if there is not enough ventilation in a space I can get restricted breathing or my eyes swell up. The adrenaline kicks in and then I'm shattered - I usually have to sleep. I'm relieved but I'm knocked out. My body goes into overdrive. It's happened twice in the past few weeks. Sometimes I get a twinge in my throat or upper mouth that is inexplicable.

I can eat shellfish no problem. The more common affliction is the opposite - fish good / shellfish bad - so people struggle with the concept like I've got it the wrong way around. Some people look at me like I'm making it up.

I can't eat dairy: butter, cream, milk, cheese, yoghurt, whey, cheese. I used to get really itchy with it but now I get a mild anaphylactic shock. I can eat eggs. People think that these are dairy. Maybe because the milk van used to sell them. In any case it's a hard concept for them to understand. I can eat eggs. They don't come from cows - they come from birds.

I can't eat peanuts or hazelnuts or pecans or walnuts. They are bad as well. They give me anaphylaxis. The effects are as bad as with fish. It's pretty scary. I gulp for air past the saliva in the ever decreasing opening in my windpipe. I ensure it doesn't happen often but it's very real. I can eat almonds and pine nuts, pistachios and coconut. This is harder for some than the dairy rule. It's a protein thing.

I can't eat bread or any gluten. Well that's not true: in the grand scheme of things, I can eat them - but I get terrible cramps and then suffer for a week with an upset stomach and do long term damage to my lower intestine. I also get sluggish and apathetic: I don't take in the nutrients and get tired as a result. I used to have the Donuts joke but coeliac disease has really fucked me over on that front. I'll pretty much eat anything else though. No problem.

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I wish I was Tory

I wish I was a Tory. I wish I liked shopping malls. I wish I liked cars. I wish I liked war and the occupation of poor countries. I wish I liked spending the countries money on Nuclear weapons. I wish I didn't give a shit about poor people. I wish they would just get a job - I mean there's job's out there - why can't they just get a job? I've got a job - I pay my way - why won't they just get a job and stop draining the country's coffers?

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