last updated October 19, 2015

Turner, at it again


The Turner Prize made a visit to Glasgow which is a great thing, and appropriate, given the influence Glasgow based Artists have had in the prize over the past decade or so. I enjoyed the immersive show at the Baltic in Gateshead a few years ago and left feeling inspired by Assemble’s engaging work with communities at the Tramway this time. Unfortunately I didn’t understand Bonnie Camplin’s “myth-science of energy and consciousness research” or Janice Kerbel’s audio piece. Nicole Wermer’s fur coats are growing on me, just as they were the chairs they are permanently attached to (it’s all about temporary ownership in public spaces you see). Both Assemble and Wermer’s pieces are as much about design as art which is maybe why I was more attracted to them. I would argue this is ‘hard’ art - quite inaccessible to mates down the pub. And that’s fine if it’s all about being high brow. The language in which some of these pieces are described is very ambiguous. They should have a plain english translation. I think the shared, transparent, practical and positive approach that Assemble have brought to the prize is to be applauded. Art is anything.

Posted by stupot at October 19, 2015 04:00 PM