last updated November 29, 2015

Blessed and Naive

A year of being a parent has come and gone. Certain parts of it you allow for, or you have an inkling about how they'll be. There are two things that currently stand out, 12 months on: for good and bad. One is nursery germs and the other is a baby being a prop to engage with strangers and make them smile.

I know that people are lovely: most people are lovely, but the more you become an adult and are surrounded by adult things in adult only environments, amongst strangers, human nature has it that others are a threat. The unknown, you should not let your guard down to. Babies counteract this in a wonderful way. The innocence that they point, smile and stare at strangers breaks down any barrier. Train, bike, bus, restaurant, shops - it's the ultimate glue for society to be trusting and open. It's completely beautiful to watch.

On the flip side we have germs and viruses: the first birthday party we went to we picked up the vomiting bug. Me in London later in the week being escorted home by a new client, Laura leaving the event she had been working up to for months. A couple of colds developed into sinus infections which floored us for a week. The idea of my immune system having to withstand this for the next 5 -10 years strikes the fear of God into me. I can't believe I have been so naive to this - How we will learn!

Posted by stupot at November 29, 2015 12:14 PM