last updated April 24, 2016

Different strokes for different notes

It was the first time in ten years that I had found myself viewing flats and I soon remembered how frustrating and time consuming it was. Flats that had used some license with the photography, flats that opened my eyes to parts of the city I never knew about. Generally it wasn't a satisfying experience - but then, out the blue, old family friends rescued us by telling us they had a flat that had suddenly come up for rent. It was ideal.

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Posted by stupot at 04:59 PM Sunday 24 Apr

Beautiful Rain Pain

When you wake up and it's raining and your destination is called Hells Glen you know you'll have experienced more comfortable days in the saddle. Despite this I was optimistic: the forecast was to get better and I'd spent so many weeks sitting down at a computer that I hungered for the outdoors.

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Posted by stupot at 09:44 PM Monday 4 Apr