last updated April 4, 2016

Beautiful Rain Pain

When you wake up and it's raining and your destination is called Hells Glen you know you'll have experienced more comfortable days in the saddle. Despite this I was optimistic: the forecast was to get better and I'd spent so many weeks sitting down at a computer that I hungered for the outdoors.

Riding this newly found road, into what felt like a gorge, I was momentarily completely content. Climbing alone to my own rythym, Leg muscles being squeezed of every last gram of energy, wet to the bone and cold, pondering an escape route, but the surroundings were stunning. Low cloud or heavy condensation sat around the dense, still forests where sounds of Spring were trying to leak out. The backdrop of an unknown Ben, facing north with snow at its summit combined with numbing fingers to remind us that we hadn't fully made the leap of seasons quite yet.

Eventually we grouped at the car park surrounded by more beauty and after a photo but before the chill bedded in we glided off to Strachur and lunch. An oat bar got me there and lunch got me back to the ferry, marginally staving off cramp. Testing and emotional is often how cycling is. Wouldn't change a thing.

Posted by stupot at April 4, 2016 09:44 PM